Fujii Hinata

Nagatenjouki Academy, Hongakuteki Nihon Ryouri, Skill Out

Family Name Fujii
Given Name Hinata
Aliases Well, "Pervert" is used often enough
Level 1 as of now.
Gender Male
Age 17


At 6 feet tall and weighing 157 lbs, Hinata is a tall, lean person. His facial features are rather fine and rounded for a male, giving him a very androgynous look - a trait he makes out the most. He tends to wear heavy make up, red lipstick and nail polish at bare minimum. His eyes are bronze, with a slight hint of green just around the pupils. His ears are pierced, and usually adorned by two heart-shaped earrings made of plain iron. He tends to keep his hair short - it's naturally light brown, though it's hard to notice as he changes its color as often as he does clothes, or wears a wig.

… speaking of clothes, there's likely not a dresscode in existence Hinata hasn't broken at some point. He often dresses in imitation some Visual Kei band or another, or as a girl. His wardrobe is mostly colored in white and varying hues of red, from pink to dark crimson. His most common attire consist of skin tight white jeans and a pink T-shirt with a black bunny skull on the front. Questioning his sexuality is met with either sappy flirtation or overt violence at random intervals.


Hinata's best described as someone who dances to his own tune, and sometimes bribes the band to play it for others as well. This doesn't mean he ignores social mores - he's well aware of them, and just cherrypicks which ones to obey depending on the situation. Only time he's guaranteed to behave himself is when he's focused on learning something new, which means school is one of the few places where he doesn't constantly cause, or get in, trouble.

He loves physical extertion, especially the sort that involves physical contact with other people. He's the sort of a person who throws cartwheels at the middle of a street just because, and tends to disregard concept of "personal space" because he likes making other people squirm. Previously thought to be caused by some more "normal" psychological deviancy, after discovery of his powers scientists have concluded Hinata's extrasensory abilities do indeed give him some form of pleasure when he touches other people.

Hinata loves aggressive music, and is often spotted listening to heavy metal with volume that'd make others' ears bleed. He also likes to sing aloud, though he isn't particularly good at it.


Esper Ability: Blood Control

Basic Function

Hinata's potential as an ESPer went unnoticed for a long time, as its most basic manifestations are passive and near-indistinquishable from normal workings of his body without extensive testing. His ability is properly identified as "extranormal analysis and control over molecular bonds of organic compounds". So far, it's limited to body of his own, or those he touches, and manifests as ability to control flow and contents of human and animal bloodstream in various ways. Potential medical applications of this ablity are the reason why a certain medical company has taken interest in Hinata, and is now sponsoring his studies in Nagatenjouki Academy. Hinata's curious about his abilities himself as well, and constantly strives to push them to new heights, though currently they are anything but impressive.

Specific Uses

Level One

* Stop or increase bleeding
* Improve blood circulation, easing headaches and muscle pain.
* …also, cause someone to blush involuntarily. Nosebleeds are also a possibility.

Level Two

* Limited control over skin and eye color - that is, he can decide how pale or blushy he looks, or have creepy red eyes.
* Prevent oxygen from binding with hemoglobin, making himself / someone else feel nauseous, possibly causing fainting.
* Control blood sugar and adrenaline levels, effectively boosting someone's strenght or robbing someone of energy. Also useful for treating diabetes or allergic shocks!

Level Three

* Cause thrombosis, causing muscle failure and potentially death.
* Speed up or slow down creation of anitbodies within a body (cure poison and disease, in other words)
* Force blood cells to replicate, replenishing lost blood supplies.

Level Four

* Identify someone by blood
* Track people by stench of their blood
* Permanently alter composure of someone's blood., potentially curing or causing effects similar to AIDS or hemophilia, or changing a person's blood type.
* Alter full hormonal components of human body, affecting emotions, muscle growth, recovery from injuries and so forth.

Level Five

* Use all aforementioned abilities from range, without physically touching a person.
* Use pressurized blood as a viable weapon.

Physical Traits

Martial Artist: Hinata is trained in Goju Ryu Karate and both civilian and military Krav Maga. After his increasingly eccentric behaviour got him kicked out from most conventional MA clubs, he's practiced his skills with (or against!) various Skill Out gangs, and as a result has large amounts of streetfighting experience. His slim frame belies surprising strenght and speed.

Splendid Dancer: … not that combat is the only thing he uses his well-toned physique for. Hinata believes fighting and dancing are "part of the same thing", and uses what little time his other activities leave him to attend various dance classes, ranging from traditional to… exotic. He's not above showing this off, and has a tendency to grab hapless passerbys and integrate them to a spontaneous dance performance.

Attractive Crossdresser: much to dismay (or pleasure…) of the rest of the world, Hinata can impersonate the fairer sex very convincingly.

Perfect Health: Hinata's never been sick for a day, and despite his.. active lifestyle, there isn't a single scar on his body. Previously brushed off as mere coincidence, current studies suggest this might be a passive effect of his ESP abilities.

Mental Traits

Fast Learner: The trait that's kept Hinata afloat in academic environment despite his delinquent behaviour. He's very good at picking up basic principles and memorizing trivia.

Good Actor: Though he usually lacks the patience to keep any masquerade going for long, Hinata is fairly good at feigning emotions, or triggering them in others.

Notable Equipment:

Black backpack: Decorated with a number of luminous badges (silver skulls and red flowers). In addition to (or in place of) school books, it tends to contain a number of heavy metal CDs, spare clothes, rope, make up and, when he can get away with it, knives, chains and matches. Hinata refers to this container as his "man purse".

Portable CD player: MP3 players? What are those?