Daichi Sukima


Family Name Sukima
Given Name Daichi
Aliases None
Level 3
Gender Male
Age 14


Has shaggy brown hair and dark blue eyes. Daichi has a slightly stockier build than average. Usually dresses casually. Rarely dresses formally.


Smart but really laid-back. Usually acts aloof but he really cares about others. May seem uninterested but he really keeps his ear to the ground. Seems to know what’s going on. Daichi is a big fan of anime and manga. Because of this he may make obscure references. Well-read in literature.


Esper Ability: Portal

Basic Function

Able to create portals in 3D space that connect to other portals. Size and number correspond to how far away they are from his AIM field. While he can form portals in liquid he cannot materialize portals within solid matter. Portals must connect with another; however, one can connect to several and vise-versa. Daichi can maintain portals for a very long time. However, the time depends on the size and number. Small ones the size of his hand can be active for days. Large ones like a movie screen he can only maintain for 5 min.

Additional Uses

Often uses the portals to access his hyperspace arsenal. He can also redirect attacks (say a fireball was thrown at him) by making them pass through his portals and reappearing somewhere else. If a portal closes while something is in the process of exiting or leaving the power of the portal will carry over and you will have two separate pieces, still connected through hyperspace but in different places.

Physical Traits

Pragmatic fighter: mostly a user of improvised weapons. Also does Tai chi in the park. Yes, with the old people.
Strenght: Stronger than the average person. Lacks stamina though.

Mental Traits

Awareness: always seems to know what’s going on. He eavesdrops with small portals. He also has a spacial sense, the ability to sense objects in 3D space.
Smart: He’s able to sleep through class and pass with an A. Doesn’t do it very often though.

Notable Equipment:

Cellphone: what all teenagers have nowadays.