Yagami Meiryoku

Tokiwadai Middle School, Judgement

Family Name Yagami
Given Name Meiryoku
Aliases None
Level 4
Gender Female
Age 14


Meiryoku ('Meir' for shot) has naturally reddish hair. No one knows what colour it truly is, for it becomes lighter in the summer, and darker in the winter. The default colour of her hair appears to be a dark crimson colour, however. Her hair is curly at the ends and goes until just past her shoulders. Her skin is relatively tan, but her arms bear quite a few marks from learning to manage her abilities. Her eyes are a dark brown colour, and sometimes they reflect light to look as if there is a dark red tinge to them. She is of average height, although her build is stocky and muscular. She almost always has a friendly-looking smile on her face, and her posture is perfect. When not wearing her perfectly-groomed school uniform complete with her green striped Judgement armband, she prefers to wear clothes that are comfortable as supposed to fashionable. She carries all of her items used for Judgement in the same large bag she uses for her school supplies.


Meir is a friendly and gregarious soul, who can fit in easily with any group. She has a great sense of humour, and often throws parties for her Tokiwaida friends, always remembering to invite some boys from Azabu. In school, she is the best student she can be, achieving good grades to make her family proud. She isn't as haughty as most of the Tokiwaida girls, which makes her stand out in the dorm crowd.


Esper Ability: Burn Out

Basic Function

Being a Level 4, Meir's abilities give her extraordinary control over fire. Most of her powers require her to come into contact with the object or fire she is controlling. She can slowly melt metal by bringing her hand just above it and heating the air in between. She can form a 'glove' of fire around her hand, which she can use for melting and welding purposes, which comes in handy for fixing things. She can create a small, superheated globe of fire in the palm of her hand which can melt things and can be thrown as a possibly fatal weapon. Meir can control large amounts of fire to move at her directions, either on the ground, or in the air. She can inflict a major burn by touching someone, and can also stand fully in fire for 5-10 seconds without taking damage. Her abilities are also useful for keeping others warm, and are much more effective than that of the local firefighters when it comes to keeping fires away. She has yet to achieve Level 5.

Physical Traits

First Aid: As a member of Judgement, Meir takes pride in her ability to keep people healthy, safe, and happy, because to her, that is what Judgement is all about.

Martial Arts Master: Meir is fully able to defend herself, whatever the situation may be. She can fight quite well with just her bare fists, but if the enemy is powerful, she can integrate her Esper abilities into the fight to give her the advantage.

Athletic: Meir is a very sporty individual, and loves to immerse herself in seasonal sports, whether it's basketball, skiing, tennis, or swimming.

Mental Traits

Self-Control: Considering how dangerous her fiery abilities are, Meir has had to master control of them over all other aspects to keep her family and friends safe from harm.

Loves Animals: Call it a weakness, but Meir loves animals. She has a large amount of pets, but she takes good care of all of them.

Notable Equipment:

Shoulderbag: Meir can always be seen toting a large over-the-shoulder bag around wherever she goes to carry everything she needs.

Handcuffs and First Aid Kit: Two necessary items that Meir carry everywhere
as part of the Judgement group.