Nimori Shougo

Onizuka Middle School

Family Name Nimori
Given Name Shougo
Aliases 'Ninja Kid'
Level 1
Gender Male
Age 14


Right from the get-go, Shougos' appearance is one that does not inspire a great deal of confidence in his physical ability. Standing shorter than the average Japanese male, at about 5'4, Shougo appears to be the very image of the kid who is frequently the victim of bullying. Possessed of dark hair and brown eyes, he is very much the sort who would not stand out in a crowd of people, no matter how ordinary-At least, anywhere but Academy City. Here, in the company of Espers, he sticks out like a sore thumb-Or to be more precise, the only ordinary thumb in a hand made almost entirely out of sore thumbs.

In addition, he does not appear to be from a particularly affluent family; far from it, in fact, judging from his threadbare clothing, the absence of expensive electronic items and his overall lack of money. While he may appear physically underwhelming, however, the truth is that students such as him simply do not survive long without some sort of defense against physical threat. Yes, he is a mere 'level 1 Esper' and while it is true that he is neither a particularly bulky or imposing individual, he partially makes up for this by being wiry almost beyond belief. More importantly for someone such as him, however, is a very high level of ninjutsu mastery, courtesy of his late father-The curious Nimori Harada.


Simply put, Shougo is a quiet and reclusive individual; that is not to say that he is brooding or antisocial, however. More accurately, it would seem that he is stifled in his interactions with others by a stilted and overly traditional view on what social conventions should be like, frequently using archaic terms such as -dono when referring to others and being overtly formal. He is, partly as a result of his rather poor upbringing, simultaneously thrifty and ashamed of his lack of wealth, a trait which when combined with his aversion to 'being in others' debt' potentially makes him difficult to approach.

Those who do make the effort to know Shougo would quickly realise that Shougo is both fatalistic and pessimistic whilst possessing a strong sense of justice and an even stronger sense of duty. If he gives his word, he will keep it, or die trying. Even if saving someone's life means risking his own, he will do it without a moments' hesitation.


Esper Ability: Charge Action

Basic Function

Charge Action allows Shougo to alter the 'mass' and 'velocity' aspects of the formula P(Momentum) = MV whilst keeping P constant-Within limits, strict ones at the moment given his level. At this point of time, this ability simply allows him to move just a tad faster than normal and throw punches with great speed or, as per its' name, he can 'charge' an actions' momentum, storing it as an imaginary 'mass' until it is released as a blow which exceeds what a boy of his size should be able to deliver. He cannot yet extend this ability to projectiles, and his power is currently vastly limited in just how much can be 'charged' or converted at once; it can be compared to holding a weight using just your mind. The stored 'imaginary mass' is not subject to gravity and for all intents and purposes has 'disappeared' until called forth again.

Additional Uses

Allows a focused Shougo slightly more agility than he normally would have, particularly with regards to freerunning.

Physical Traits

Ninjutsu Skill: As mentioned above, Shougo possesses a very high level of skill with regards to his family's ninjutsu style, a skill his father rigorously drummed into him until his recent demise. Even still, Shougo still practices it frequently, conditioning his body in the process.
Fast: Even without his ability, Shougo is quick, even by the standards of other martial artists. He is also capable of a degree of freerunning or parkour, although he has never formally been taught it. He picked up what he knows by attempting to follow his fathers' urban escapades in the past. Still, while he is quick, a lack of formal teaching means that he cannot truly compete with a parkour master and hope to win.
Fit: Thanks to his hard training, Shougo possesses markedly more stamina than the average high school student.

Mental Traits

Determined: When Shougo promises something, he will try his hardest to deliver. Choosing not to does not enter his mind.
Technologically Backward: Shougo…Possesses a frightening lack of technological proficiency especially given the setting, to be frank. He needs to think about how to use a phone and computers frequently confound him.
Academically Poor: For various reasons, Shougo isn't particularly academically successful-A fact which is quite ashamed of.

Notable Equipment:

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