Catarino and Cici Sato

Onizuka Middle School

Family Name Sato
Given Name Catarino and Cici
Aliases Fire and Ice Twins
Level Both Level 3
Gender Male and Female respectively
Age Both 15


The two are Romani-Japanese. Physically, the Twins are nearly the same. They both have brown skin, dark hair, and hazel eyes. They're both tall and thin, being around 5' 6". Catarino has a cut across arm, unkempt hair and a tattoo of a falcon talon mark on his chest. Cici has circles around her eyes, and straight, neck-length hair. The big difference are in how they dress and act.

Catarino, when not wearing his school uniform, doesn't wear a shirt at all. He'll wear a pair of pants, if only because people don't seem to care for half-naked teenagers in the middle of the street. He wears a black feather necklace over his neck. He'll walk around with a crouching, feral gait. Cici, when not wearing her school uniform, wears a t-shirt, and jeans, and a pair of shoes. She has a necklace of a wrench around her neck. She has a laid-back posture.


Catarino and Cici are opposites when it comes to this. Catarino is wild on the outside, seemingly unpredictable, and prone to growling, but calm on the inside. Cici is seemingly laid back and calm on the outside, but prone to RAGE and outbursts. Catarino follows a form of honor, putting that higher then logic. He treats it higher than reason. Cici is the opposite; she puts logic and reason above Catarino's bestial form of honor. Of course, that doesn't mean that, say, Catarino is illogical and that Cici is dishonorable. If the logical choice seems better, Catarino will follow that. With Cici, if someone does something that she finds outright wrong, she'll go against it, even if it's illogical.

Socially, Cici is the winner in that regard, if only because Catarino is either ignorant, or apathetic about social mores and rules. He'll follow them to an extent, but he will, say, intrude on someone's personal space. Cici isn't the most charismatic person in the world, but she does know enough not to get odd looks or to get teased too much.
Their interests are obvious; Catarino is interested in nature and wildlife, such as Biology, and Animal Psychology. Cici is interested in Information Sciences, and multiple forms of Engineering.


Catarino's Esper Ability

Animal Empathy (Falcon)

Basic Function

Catarino has the ability to communicate with and command the genus known as Falcons. At Level 3 he can control up to twenty falcons within a ten mile radius around him to do anything but explicitly kill themselves. He can also communicate at the level of a fluent foreigner with them. With this, he can use the falcons to fight with him, or to scout for him.

Additional Uses

None yet.

Cici's Esper Ability


Basic Function

Cici has the ability to reprogram and control electronics. She does this by turning individual electric charges on or off, into a 1 or a 0. At Level 3, she is able to quickly reprogram a single program; that is, a game mod would be a piece of cake for her. An early 2000s computer would be more challenging. Simple robots are the limit for her.

Additional Uses

Because her ability uses small electric charges, she is able to form static electricity and make a sort of 'climbing material' on walls.

Catarino's Physical Traits

Parkour: "The urban jungle is almost the same as the natural jungle, so why not learn to move quickly in there?" Catarino uses this reason to justify him knowing Parkour. He's been a practitioner for quite a few years, and takes the Philosophy of it to heart.
Fights Like a Beast: In Physical fights, Catarino can be strong and ruthless, like a beast. He's quite a good fighter, and can't be taken down easily.
Survivalist: Catarino can survive in places that the average person couldn't without extra baggage. He can drink lakewater without getting sick, can fight off bugs and disease, and is a sort of extreme omnivore.

Cici's Physical Traits

Weak: She spends most of her time with electronics, so she isn't in the best of shape. She gets some excercise, but that's only because of her brother, most likely.
Weak: Cici is quite dextrous, being able to handle minute objects and delicate electronics with ease.

Catarino's Mental Traits

Learning Ainu and Romani: Interestingly, Catarino is learning the Ainu language and the Romani language. He's at a student level at both.
Interest in Nature Sciences: Catarino is quite interested in this.

Cici's Mental Traits

Skill at Programming: Cici is a master at this kind of thing. She can program in C++, Python, PERL, and so on. She can even program behavior into robots a bit.
Sharp: Cici has quite sharp skills and may notice things that many wouldn't.

Catarino's Notable Equipment:

Blade Catarino always carries a dagger around in his pocket, just in case he needs it.
Bird Feed: Catarino always carries some bird food in his pocket— whether to feed falcons, or to munch on as a snack (yes he eats bird food sometimes).

Catarino's Notable Equipment:

Screwdriver: Cici carries around a screwdriver when she needs it to fix something, or to break it. Also doubles as a hand weapon when needed.
Pendant: Always carries around a pendant with her, around her neck.