Carver Arbern

Student of Azabu Academy, S.K.

Family Name Arbern
Given Name Carver
Aliases Crazy Eyes, Aizen
Level Level 4
Gender Male
Age 17


A 5-foot 10-inches tall White American almost always with a smirk on his face.
Brown hair, and eyes that look a different color every time you see them. While his natural Hair color is brown, he often dyes it a different color every few weeks. While not on one of his "pranks" he can often be found simply walking around the School Garden Section in his School uniform. When he is out of the School Garden Section he wears Casual clothes, when he is pulling one of his pranks however, he often uses his ability to appear as a fully grown man.

Current hair Color: Blue


A manipulative young man, always looking for the next big "prank" as he calls them, to pull.
With his manipulative nature often getting him in trouble.


Able to sweet talk someone into almost anything.
He is also able to throw his voice with ventriloquism, and change it to sound like an entirely different person.

ESPer Ability

Eye Charmer

Basic Function

The ability to affect the sensory portion of the brain via a visual pathway, allowing him to control what the subject perceives as real. At later levels, he will be able to use this ability on more people at once. Depending on the person's willpower and ESPer ability (if any) affects his ability to control the number of people at a time the ability it affects.

The ability has several limitations however, for Carver to be able to create the illusions he initially needs to have direct eye contact or contact via certain reflective surfaces (such as highly polished glass or ice) however after the illusion is initially created he no longer needs direct eye contact to alter the illusion. Also the more elaborate the illusion the more difficult to maintain. Simply copying himself and creating a "clone" is of medium difficulty.

When measured he could have up to four copies of himself, all performing different tasks at once before the strain became too great for him to continue. The ability functions via altering the nervous system's transmissions to the sensory portion of the brain, allowing him to creating a "living, breathing" illusion that others are able to register as a physical mass, even if nothing is there.

The longer an illusion is in place, however, the greater the strain on his mind. When tested, he was able to maintain a simple illusion for an hour before collapsing from mental fatigue. Similarly to the time limitation there is a distance limitation as well, the max recorded distance he was able to control an illusion was 50 meters from his person before the illusion ceased, however unlike with the time limitation the greater the distance seemingly had no affect on his mental status and simply reached a "Max Range"

It has been recorded that he is able to perform simple, illusory feats with very little concentration, allowing him to perform other tasks as well. However, the more strenuous and complex the task, the less concentration is devoted to the illusion. There have been recorded tests where he was focused on a task (while holding an illusion of himself) and the illusion appeared to blur and wave. For all intents and purposes becoming less defined.

Additional Uses

Carver's ESPer power allows him to, nearly unconsciously, control what the subject perceives, while able to perform other tasks. This ability does not always need direct eye contact, certain reflective surfaces create the necessary visual pathway as well. starting at level four his ability allows him to physically damage subject with his illusions, his control over what the subject perceives becomes so intense it causes the body to physically replicate what the brain is experiencing, to a certain degree.

Physical Traits

With his ability he is able to appear any way he wishes to anyone caught within his ability's grasp.

Mental Traits

Mental Trait:
His ability allows him to alter what one perceives as real, even himself, if he so desired.

Notable Equipment:

A Mirror in His Pocket: He often carries around a special reflective mirror.
Thief's Tools: He also carries a set of lock picks, which he's found useful on some of his jobs
Frostbite: A finely crafted European longsword, which allows him to make an indirect connection with his ability. Frostbite is an ordinary sword save for the material, it is a very special expertly tempered metal that doesn't conduct energy very well, including heat, and electricity.