Cale Schmirnovich

Azabu Academy

Family Name Schmirnovich
Given Name Cale
Aliases The Tripper
Level 4
Gender Male
Age 14

Cale comes from an arranged marriage between the daughter of a large European business concern and a leader in the Russian mafia. This marriage came to be because Cale's mother's family thought that the "honest businessman" facade of Cale's fathers family was not a facade. After they found out that their new son was, in fact, kind of evil. They had their girl get divorced. The families kept clashing over who would get Cale, until Cale decided that neither family would have him, and arranged for an education in Academy city. This seems to have pacified the two families.


Cale looks Caucasian, with slightly darker then average hair. his hair is longer then that of the average male, but whenever he tries to put it in a ponytail to keep it out of his face he barely fails. Even though he is just fourteen years old, His mafioso heritage allows him to grow a nice beard within a few days. his height is average, and he has brown/blackish eyes, that get bloodred spots in them if he overextends on his power.


Cale is not usually someone to get involved with others, as he has enough problems of his own. If he does get involved in something, he follows his personal form of noblesse oblige. Cale believes that ESPers are better then other people, and that especially a level 4 like him must behave better then the powerless plebs.

One of the berserk buttons for him is organized crime that actively hurts people or takes their freedom, as this reminds him of his father's family. Large-scale corporate shenanigans are another no-no, reminding him of his mother.
The only time Cale gets angry is when these buttons are pressed, or when a nice girl asks him. This makes him lose his laid-back demeanor to become a determinator.

Cale tends to get annoyed at people who panic too much, but he can tolerate people who are just plain hyperactive.
Cale is embarrassed about his last name.


Esper Ability

Density control

Basic Function

Cale's esper ability is to control the density of certain gases, while this allows him to make wind, it's an inefficient use according to Cale. The real power lies in conjuring solid and nearly invisible objects out of thin air. When this power is used, the gasses around the target area are drawn to it to create a higher pressure, and giving the area a higher density. due to its nature this power is best used outdoors, although indoor use can have interesting effects due to low-pressure areas being created. The skill is nearly impossible to start up close to anothers body, because their AIM field stops the necesarry focus. The skill has to bo used separately for each gas, leading to Cale's preferred method being merely using nitrogen. Multiple gasses at the same time greatly increases the amount of concentration needed.
Cale's fighting style mostly consists of blocking the others way with solids and then walking away. If he is feeling especially pranky, he might just create a low ledge of air that the enemy will fall over (thus "the tripper")

Level 1: elevating the density of a gas to around 1.5 times their surroundings, allowing a pap0er plane to travel wherever you want it within a short range

Level 2: can create dense fields of air that would slow someone noticeable, a bit between walking underwater and on the ground.

Level 3: Density can be pumped up to such a height that around one square meter can be turned into a solid. this field is still affected by gravity while at this level, but can be in many different shapes. Esper starts to be able to sense the location of gasses around him

Level 4: Solids can be formed far quicker (about two seconds for one cubic meter) and control goes up to about twenty five cubic meters. This can also be done in midair- although focusing there is slightly harder, as the field needs to be constantly remade. some control over lowering pressure is gained, some movement is possible, but not enough to be practical for combat.

Level 5: near instant solids formed, and lowering the amount of a gas somewhere is far easier, The solids can include moving parts, as long as they follow a pattern (example: chainsaw blade)

Additional Uses

Cale has learned to create platforms in midair, Walking on these is often accompanied by liberal use of the Stairway To Heaven tune.

Cale can use his powers to form a literal Air Guitar, although he has to focus on maintaning the form too much to currently be able to play it as well.

Cale is able to change the pressure fields in such quick succesion as to create friction in the air, when used enough this might lead to a small lightning strike, although there is very little control over what it strikes.

Cale can create lenses out of air, allowing him to magnify things.

Cale's finishing move, the "Poseidon's Trident", is formed by greatly pressuring water vapor. this increased pressure highers the freezing point. This means that the water vapor first condenses into Water because of athmospheric saturation in his target area, followed by a highening pressure changing it into incredibly dense ice. When send out, this spear of ice will explode upon hitting target. While Cale's hold over it is diminishing, there will be a storm of shall sharp shards of ice. When his hold is entirely gone, about twenty-five litres of water will form out of the ice. Due to the problems in pressurinzing water vapor, Cale has to load up this ability for a while, a period in which he has less control over other gasses. It works best if it has rained not too long ago and the temperature is low.

Physical Traits

Good Eyesight: Cale's eyes are very good at seeing distortions in the air, such as places with a higher pressure or different gas content. This was gained because of his experience with pressure differences.
quick to tire: Cale has quite low stamina, and prefers 14-10 sleep schedules.
Eye hazing: When Cale uses his power to the point that his eyes become red, he loses part of his eyesight and things become blurry, as if seen through a thick mist. Seeing how the researchers became a little too interested in this after finding out, Cale tries not to tell people.

Mental Traits

Self-sufficiency: Due to being pushed and pulled between two influential families, Cale has learned to watch out for himself.
Charmable: Cale is quick to fall for the ladies, and will do a lot for those that give him attention. Even so, he does not seek out female attention, for he is not very skilled in finding new friends.

Notable Equipment:

Items that anyone can assume your character will always have on them at any given time.
Notebook of blackmailing (+3): Cale has a notebook (several copies in fact) that contains embarassing information about both sides of his family, he uses this to blackmail them into paying his tuition fees and leaving him alone.