Asakura Jin

Former Judgement(Strong ties), Nagatenjouki Academy,

Family Name Asakura
Given Name Jin
Aliases None
Level 3(Upper bound)
Gender Male
Age 17


At about 176cm tall, Jin has a craggy look and perpetually-messy, mid-length dark brown hair. Jin is outgoing and vocal, as opposed to the usually quieter Ren. Although he is less fit than Ren, Jin is still very fit, given that his hobby is Iaido and mechanical engineering.


An unabashed slacker, Jin is very much a laid-back character, not bothering with much. However, he is loyal to his friends and often goes out of his way to help them. While pragmatic, Jin still makes snap decisions on gut feeling impulse when under pressure. A friendly person, Jin nevertheless cannot tolerate stupidity, a trait he has in common with Ren, although he would rather keep quiet than make scathing comments, unlike Ren.


Esper Ability

Flow/Shift Pulse

Basic Function

Jin's ability gives him the power to 'steal' energy and convert it between various types. At his level, these are kinetic, electrical and heat.

Can only covert at a fixed rate- About 2100Watts.
Limited Range of 5 meters.
Must be able to see object to be moved and sources of energy.
Cannot lower an object's temperature below -10 Degrees Celsius
Ability usage does not stop natural flow of power.

I.e. He cannot turn an object into something he cannot track- the second he becomes unable to track something (i.e. trying to accelerate a ball-bearing to relativistic speeds), the ability stops working and conversion stops. What this means is that there is a fixed limit on how fast he can make something go. In addition, Jin cannot superheat an object- Energy will "bleed out" of the concentration area faster than he can "steal" it back in.

Additional Uses

Air Conditioning:_ Limited Cryokinesis. At level 1, this was the manifestation of his power- he could keep most common things at a fixed temperature.
Shock Insulator: Can "steal" current and prevent it from shocking him. However, this requires that there is something to transfer the energy to, mostly the floor.

Physical Traits

Iaido: Jin is a ridiculously quick draw with a sword.
Excellent Reflexes: By extension, Jin is very good at tracking fast-moving objects.
Ex-Judgement: Although he has left Judgement, Jin has gone through Judgement training and is easily capable of holding his own in a brawl.

Mental Traits

Mechanical Engineering: Jin has a way with technology, taking it apart and reassembling it not being much of a problem to him.
Projectile Ballistics: Jin is very good at predicting where a thrown projectile will hit.
Intelligent: Despite not doing half his homework, Jin is still capable of keeping afloat and not failing out of Nagatenjouki.
Problem Solver: Jin is capable of quickly thinking on his feet and improvising on the spot to deal with problems.

Notable Equipment:

1982 Yen Coin: A simple 1982 Yen coin with plastic casing. Carried as a good luck charm.