Azabu Academy

Azabu Academy is an all-male private school within Academy City. It is currently one of the top 5 schools of Academy City and is said to be one of the toughest schools to succeed in throughout the world. It is often in the news since it's over-stressed students are sometimes prone to lashing out at their surroundings, which can be devastating with it's large amount of esper students. Azabu is known for accepting any student who can pay the tutition fees, but also for it's large turn-over rate of students who drop-out. The students of Azabu are usually regarded by their fellow male students as 'some of the lucky bastards to walk the face of the earth', for getting to attend school in the appropriately named School Garden. Most girls tend to think of Azabu students as 'bishies-in-making', even if the reality can be far removed.

Student Demographics

Entry requirement to Azabu Academy is very simple, be able to afford it's tuition price and it would accept that person as a student, but despite this 'open' policy, the number of attending students fluctuates wildly. This is due in part to Azabu's strict teaching regime and draconian teachers who mercilessly push their students as hard as they can in pursuit of excellence. Unlike Tokiwadai or Onizuka, special treatment is not given to espers, merely more class options so they can choose to try and develop their powers more along with their education or in lieu of it. Because of this stressful learning environment, many students have breakdowns or chose to drop-out of Azabu, thus accounting for the wildly changing attendance record.


Azabu is located in the School Garden, an area inside Academy City's district 7 consisting of Tokiwadai and four other girl's schools, with a shopping area dedicated to the rich young teens. The school is fairly large, especially the main building which holds its classrooms and various gymnasiums, it also holds a track and field area and also a large swimming pool. The school also has a public showering area for those staying in it's dorms.

Azabu has two dormitories, one of them is outside of the School Garden where it shares a plot of land with Tokiwadai Middle Schoo and the other one which is in the School Garden where poorer students are given room and board. The separate dormitory is openly known as the more prestigious and comfortable of the two, having gained an almost legendary nature to those Azabu students in the dorm attached to the Academy.

Azabu Characters

Hitsushi Tsutomu
Kan Kei