Welcome to RailgunITP

What is RailgunITP anyway?
RailgunITP is a Free Form Role Playing (FFRP) universe that was developed, and is currently populated by, members of the Giant in the Playground forums. The setting and style of the game are based primarily on the To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun universe, a serial manga, series of light novels, and anime by Kazuma Kamachi and published by ASCII Media Works. RailgunITP originated as a spiritual twin and successor to the NarutoitP game in that both of them are alternate universes of each one's canon where people can play their own characters and create their own stories. A simple idea that evolved into full-on games and communities.

Currently, all of the Espers described in the Index/Railgun series have been replaced with player-imagined characters, though some similar spots have been filled in by player created characters. There's still a Tokiwadai Middle School for example, but it no longer has the same students or teachers. There's still the (in)famous Level 5's but they are different characters and there may even be a different number of them. So on and so forth.

What is this site?
This Wiki is a tool created to assist players of RailgunITP in keeping a record of characters, groups, and outstanding events within the fan-made storyline. All members of the RailgunITP FFRP are permitted, and encouraged, to create or edit whatever pages they wish in order to better represent and organize the information about RailgunITP.

What is [Railgun Term]? Can I find it here?
The primary resource used so far by the players of RailgunITP when referring to the original Index/Railgun series is the Index Wiki, linked to here. If you have any other questions regarding the fan-made setting or events that have already transpired, feel more than free to ask at the current RailgunITP OOC thread, or PM any of the active members.

How do I join?
RailgunITP is an open ended game that anyone can join and are encouraged to! If you are interested in joining the game, please let us know in the current OOC thread, where we can help you collect your ideas, define your character, find a position Academy City (or other groups), and even assist you with Japanese translations that you may require. Once you have defined your character concept, post it to -—-, using either the format used in the other profiles in the thread or using your own so people can check out your character before they enter play. If the okay is given (and it generally will be, even if your idea might need a little tweaking) then post the character on here. After that, you are free to post in whichever IC thread is appropriate for your character and join the fun!

I want to contribute!
Anyone is free to contribute to this Wiki, and are encouraged to do so. Only two things are required to give you access to adding and editing pages: First, as this is not an Open Wiki, you will need an account in Wikidot. The only thing required for such an account is an active E-mail address, and is completely free. Second, your Wikidot account must be linked with the RailgunITP sub-wiki. This only requires you to enter the Password in the Railgun OOC thread; this is just to make sure you're part of our group. Once you've set everything up, which should only take a few minutes, contribute away!

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

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Articles Currently in Need of Contribution:
  • Character Pictures
    • If a character has had an OoTS-Style avatar created of them or an actual picture, these should be edited in to their Character Page.

While this site is independent, I request that all editors abide by the Giant in the Playground rules while adding content here. Thank you.